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One of the main problems for residents in Florence is to be able to find work opportunities and career options due to the lack of experience and knowledge in certain areas. For example, did you know that Lean Six Sigma is quite requested nowadays? But what does this have to do with everything? It is simple. Lean 6 Sigma has turned out to be one of the most relevant methodologies and as a result, companies in the city want to implement it no matter what, leading to experts in LSS being valuable and quite needed. If we take this to residents and their problems in finding work or options, wouldn’t it be a simple solution to get trained in the methodology or take the time to learn about it? It would, but this is when the main problem comes: it is not simple to find experts that can deliver the training. LSS is a method that needs to be learned properly if a person wants to fill even a small role within a team and company. therefore, the person providing training needs to know what he or she is doing. Now, how can you address this problem as the person interested in LSS training? You can evaluate the options you have.

LSS South Carolina - Florence SC

Companies and experts are not missing in Florence but knowing if they are what you need will be the challenge. Fortunately, our team at Lean Six Sigma Experts of South Carolina is able to provide you with records, previous results, and proofs of our work so far with the methodology. 6 Sigma training is one of our main services and most of our clients have contacted us to, at some point, access it besides other solutions. We particularly focus on three types of training: yellow, green, and black belts. These 3 belts represent the main levels in the methodology and according to the one you choose, you will learn new skills and elements as well as be able to fulfill different roles.

What Lean Six Sigma Belt is the Best?

It depends on your needs and objectives with the methodology. If you are a person trying to work in leadership roles and have a lot of involvement in projects and strategies, a green or black belt is the best option. But for complementing your skills, adding some value to your curriculum, and focus on small roles, a yellow belt is the one to go. Our experts will make sure to guide you during your decision or if you already have made up your mind, you can let us know and we will start the training right away. Now, besides training, our company is one of the few in Florence and the entire state of South Carolina to issue certifications.

Whenever you complete our yellow, green, or black belt training, we will allow you to take the exam and opt for the LSS certification that will demonstrate your understanding and bring all the benefits about Six Sigma. Want to get trained with us? Make sure to contact us anytime and rest assured our team will be available either if you choose an online or in-person training option.

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