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Being able to find a company in Myrtle Beach that can provide you with Lean Six Sigma training and certification at the same time is more of a challenge than you might think. The main problem is not the training itself since many organizations and even particulars offer the service and allow you to take different LSS courses. The problem lies in the certification and how hard is to meet all the requirements for a company to be able to issue it. Since there is no official entity or institution for Lean 6 Sigma certifications, people who get trained have to find the way to obtain it and due to difficulties we previously mentioned, it is not that simple. However, our company Lean Six Sigma Experts of South Carolina has made sure to include both services: LSS training and certification. This is to ensure you are able to learn about Sigma and avoid hitting a wall when it comes to demonstrating your understanding and compliance with the methodology.


After all, the training in any of the LSS belts is crucial, but without certification, you will not be able to prove your knowledge in the topics nor work with a company or Lean Six Sigma team. Now, there are a few things you need to know about both services:

  • Our Six Sigma training is divided into three belts only: yellow, green, and black.
  • We decided to focus on the main three belts to ensure you get access to the essentials and be able to fulfill several roles in the future.
  • For any of the belt training options you complete, our team will open the option to take the yellow, green, or black belt exam to opt for the certification.
  • If you pass the exam, we will issue your 6 Sigma certification in no time.

Is It Worth Investing in Lean Six Sigma?

When it comes to companies, the answer is a ‘yes’ without a doubt but we understand that individuals have their questions and doubts about it, and it makes sense. Many methodologies are great to learn as well but the reason it is worth going for LSS instead of any other is the active demand of experts in it. Companies from all industries and of all sizes are trying to find experts who are able to help them implement Sigma and boost their processes and if you decide to get trained even to fulfill small roles, you will have doors open to many career options and work opportunities.

With this in mind, yes, it is worth investing your time and resources in Lean 6 Sigma training and certification, especially with us since our services are recognized in all Florence and all over South Carolina. Since our certifications do not expire, you even get more benefits from them. To access our team and solutions at Lean Six Sigma Experts of South Carolina, all you need to do is to email, call, or visit us and request either training, certification, or both of them.

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