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Learning new skills and focusing on something that is popular and will be for the next few years is a great way to keep your professional career floating and ensuring you are valuable for companies. Therefore, if you are located in Rock Hill, you might be interested in our Lean Six Sigma training. At Lean Six Sigma Experts of South Carolina, we provide services around this process improvement methodology that allows companies to boost their performance and operations but also allows individuals to bring more value to their careers and growth. LSS is a methodology that has been around for decades, which is why you will notice it is nothing new in terms of being used and implemented by companies.

However, its relevance and popularity decreased in the early 2000s’ and went up again 8 years ago. The main reason? How efficient and effective it is to address needs and problems in a business. Companies and organizations need to achieve continual improvement if they want to remain competitive but, at the same time, address problems related to performance and productivity while reducing costs.

LSS South Carolina -Rock-Hill-SC

In short, there is a lot to handle and not many methodologies allow you to focus on them at the same time as long as the right tools and strategies are being used. Now, what does it take to implement LSS and how can someone learn about it and work as an expert? In both cases, professionals are required. LSS consultants will be needed in a business that wants and needs to integrate the methodology but for individuals, Six Sigma training is the right service and it takes professionals and qualified people to deliver it. Our company plays the role of delivering these services—and many others—to cover your LSS needs and goals. It is not easy to find a reliable and qualified organization for it, but we are exactly what you need thanks to our experience, reputation, services, and effort we put into delivering the best.

How Does Lean Six Sigma Training Work?

Since it is the most popular service in Rock Hill, you might want to know LSS training is divided into levels but these are rather known as belts. There are over 4 different belts and depending on the one you choose for your training, the knowledge you will obtain is different as well as the roles you will be able to fill. Now, our company works with 3 LSS belts only: yellow, green and black. The reason lies in the fact that they are the most relevant ones and allow you to work in companies, within an LSS team, and help you to boost your career easily without spending time in other belts and training you can obtain in the main ones.

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Along with these training options, our team will issue certification in the corresponding belt you complete after you take the exam for it. It is not complicated to access and complete our LSS training. Therefore, make sure to contact us for more information or if you want our trainers to start your course right away.

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