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Most Lean Six Sigma companies and experts in South Carolina focus on certain services and solutions only since it is not simple nor easy to offer several services at once. But what are these services they offer? And, do you actually need more than just some guidance in how Lean 6 Sigma works? Depending on if you are a company or a person interested in the methodology, you will have different needs and objectives, leading to solutions that are completely different from one another. Companies and organizations will be interested in LSS as a way to improve processes, which is the main goal of the methodology but also to integrate a flexible culture that allows them to adapt to changes and new additions. But for individuals, the objective is to learn about Six Sigma and be able to work with it or use it for personal growth in terms of careers, work, and job positions.

LSS South Carolina Services

Then, the approach is different. While companies have to focus on consulting services most of the time, individuals have to aim for LSS training and certification. However, organizations interested in 6 Sigma can also appeal to training if they choose to prepare their workers in the methodology and have them being part of the team and handle the projects for the integration. Either way, you will need to focus on finding experts and reliable professionals who are able to implement the methodology for you or provide services based on your interests and needs.

At Lean Six Sigma Experts of South Carolina, we have been helping companies and individuals in the state with all their LSS objectives and needs. This includes providing consulting, training, and certification services. If you are interested in the methodology but do not know what the best solution is for your situation, our main services are very clear and direct in what they are for:

Lean Six Sigma Consulting.

The 6 Sigma consultants we have available are able to handle different tasks based on the integration of the methodology: control quality management, reduce waste, eliminate variations, and aim for the main goals of LSS. However, if you are looking for guidance and advice more than implementation, they can also offer their knowledge and experience to guide you through the journey properly.

Lean Six Sigma Training.

Our first service was to train individuals and workers in the methodology based on different levels or belts as they are known in LSS—so they were able to work with it and develop the required skills. Our training is available online or as an in-person option, which allows you and any of your workers to take the course without worrying about time and logistics.

LSS South Carolina-Lean Six Sigma Green Belt
Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt.

The introductory level we have for Lean Six Sigma training focuses on the yellow belt, which includes topics such as terminology, concepts, principles, data collecting, and what is Lean and Six Sigma. By the time a person completes this belt, he or she should be able to fulfill small roles within a company and LSS team, like data analyst, report process issues, and work in solving problems.

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt.

This belt training focuses on how LSS works, its tools, how you can implement it, and help you develop the required skills to fill some leadership roles. The topics we approach include SIPOC, DMAIC, Regression Analysis, Risk Mitigation, and more. We want to make sure you are able to handle more than just a few tasks and instead, focus on starting and managing projects.

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt.

Leadership, problem-solving, and decision-making skills are a must for black belts as well as a full understanding of the methodology and its principles and philosophies. Our team at Lean Six Sigma Experts of South Carolina will work hard to guarantee you are able to handle leadership roles and supervise projects to ensure the results and outcomes for the company integrating the methodology.

LSS South Carolina-Lean Six Sigma Training
Lean Six Sigma Curriculum for High School Students.

We are one of the few companies in the state that is able to offer yellow and green belt courses for students in order for them to add value to their curriculums, develop valuable skills, and have more career and work options and opportunities. It is a great way to boost their personal growth and ensure they know how to work as a team but also be independent.

Lean Six Sigma Certification.

Since there is no official entity for certifications, we have made sure to be the company where you can find your training but also get the LSS certification once you complete any of the belts. This includes students who take our special program. Yellow, green, or black, any of these belt certifications are available once you take the training and corresponding exam for them.

What Lean Six Sigma Service Do You Need?

As we mentioned before, it depends on if you are a company or individual interested in the methodology. However, even companies have two options: rely on consultants for the implementation or train their workers in the methodology. If you do not have enough time to integrate Six Sigma and need results, consulting services will always be the best option while training or developing talent is the best alternative when you have time and want your own team of experts working on the projects within the company. For individuals, everything lies in the training but choosing the right belt is the issue.

For beginners and those who only want to get introduced or learn the basics, yellow belt training is the way to go. But for leadership roles and more responsibilities as well as better benefits such as an excellent salary, a green or black belt training along with the certification is the right one. For anything you need, we will be here to assist you and if you still have doubts about what is best for you, our experts will make sure to guide you and ensure you are obtaining the assistance you actually need.

There are so many areas or regions where we offer these services with most of them being cities.

However, if you need any of these services, you need to contact us. The list below comprises the areas where we offer these services.